Yacht Chandlery and Repairs
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Sheppard's of Gibraltar

Sheppard's has provided reliable support for yacht owners since 1961. However, the old marina premises have been sold and Sheppard's is now operating as follows:

Chandlery Shop

This is located in the ground floor of Marina Court, on the Ocean Village side. Vehicle access is from Waterport Road. Pedestrian access is along the waterfront from Marina Bay or through the passage-way from Glacis Road to Ocean Village, between Marina Court and Royal Ocean Plaza. The Shop continues to offer a full range of yacht equipment and maintenance products. For more information, visit the chandlery page.


Our workshops are at Coaling Island, near Queensway Quay marina. We can visit your yacht at any marina within Gibraltar or haul out for repairs ashore at the North Mole. For more information, visit the yacht repairs page.

Contact details
M. Sheppard & Co. Ltd.,
Sheppard's Chandlery
Tel: (+350) 20075148/20077183
Fax: (+350) 20042535

For Workshop
Tel: (+350) 20076895
Fax:(+350) 20071780