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Haul-out charges at Coaling Island
(Maximum 4.5 tons & 9m)

Up to 3 tons displacement:

LOA up to Powerboats Sail-boats
5m 50 each way 60 each way
6m 60 each way 70 each way
7m 70 each way 90 each way
8m 80 each way 110 each way
9m 90 each way 130 each way

Plus 20.00 per ton over 3 tons, as measured by the crane.

  1. These charges include the driver and a signaller, plus chocking. They apply only to boats hauling out on the premises.

  2. Slinging and unslinging afloat are 10.00 extra each way, or may be done by the boat's own crew.

  3. The standing charge is 0.30/m2/day. Square metreage is calculated as LOA times beam, with both values rounded up to full metres. The daily charge after 30 days becomes 0.40/m2/day.

  4. Water & electricity are charged as extras, each at 3.00/day.